Day 14

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

Is it possible I have never faced a challenge? I can’t really think of one. All the examples that spring to mind fall under these categories:

  1. Being out of work and needing a job.
  2. Forgetting my wallet somewhere, or not having local currency. Weird travel snafus where everything’s closed and I don’t have somewhere to stay, or nowhere takes cards and I don’t have cash.
  3. Figuring out some complex adult process.
  4. Getting kicked out of (or priced out of) my apartment unexpectedly for various reasons.
  5. Having to perform under various unenviable conditions (like losing my voice or busting my knee or something).
  6. Having to go about daily life without the use of my non-dominant hand for a few months.
  7. Annoyances, like being ghosted by a moving company day-of or realizing my one appropriate dress doesn’t fit anymore ten minutes before an event.

All these things seem so distant now from relatively stable middle-age, and anyway, they weren’t especially high stakes or interesting.

I feel like a “challenge” would be like, a mathematical proof I couldn’t crack, or developing a vaccine under pressure, or growing up in poverty.

I think I’m not important enough to have challenges.

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