Day 24

Write about a dream you remember.

I remember all of my dreams. I have been told that this is a sign of disordered sleeping — you are not supposed to remember many of your dreams; if you do, it means you’re waking up in the wrong stage of your sleep cycle, which indicates you aren’t getting into the deeper no-dreams part of the cycle at all. I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I am always dreaming when I wake up regardless of how long I’ve slept.

Most of my dreams are just recurrent anxieties working themselves out, so not especially interesting to hear about. I have the same types of dreams over and over.

For example, last night, I had one of my “I’m on the roof” dreams and one of my “can’t pick a city” dreams. The “on the roof” dream is where I’m walking through a crowded city street and I have to go up on a ledge or ramp to avoid some street detritus or something, and without realizing it, the thing I’m walking on goes up to the level of a very high roof and becomes the edge of that roof and suddenly I am 40 stories up on a tiny little ledge and looking down.

I have this dream constantly; I do not know what it means. Often, I get down from that ledge only to somehow find myself on another one, and this continues throughout the night.

In the “can’t pick a city” dreams I’m back in my early 30s trying to decide on a new course for my life, and I’m trying to pick a city to live in and maybe something to go back into in school. Usually, this is a bad situation — like, I will in this dream own a small house somewhere that I’m realizing I don’t want to live in, and also have signed a lease back in NYC and be out of work. Or I will have gone back to school and paid a ton of money to earn a degree that I then don’t remember why I wanted it. Or both. Sometimes in the middle of this dream, I suddenly remember, hey, wait, I don’t need to go back to school at all, I earn enough from this tech job I have now. Like, I’ll be trying to figure out how to fit my real life current job in around some old part-time job like waiting tables and then I’ll suddenly realize I don’t need to wait tables at all, I can just do the tech job.

This is probably a boring post to read, though, because dreams are one of the most boring things you can ever talk about (the other being drug trips). If you’re someone who often tells your friends about your dreams, stop now. It’s like the most boring conversation ever because you are literally describing something that did not happen and has no plot and that you “had to be there” to understand why it even felt significant, and the feeling of significance was a trick of your own brain, so it’s not possible to convey it even if the other person was there. Because of Freud (wrong about everything, a total quack), we all have been misled into thinking our dreams are really significant, but they are not.

I especially hate dream sequences (or drug trips) in books and movies and things. They are completely pointless and such a cheat on the writer’s part because they can literally be anything, it’s totally arbitrary plotting, the laziest. So many times a writer will do some long symbolic dream sequence as a shortcut to revealing some backstory or pushing something forward that they’re too lazy or talentless to work in in an organic way. It’s truly the “a wizard did it” of plotting, I hate it. Plus it’s always so boring to watch. I cannot think of a single good example. If you can, comment with it, and I’ll explain to you why you’re wrong and it is actually bad.

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