Everything written about baby skill development kills me, because it’s all about basic skills that every, single person develops at some point no matter what you do, but yet, the intent is to make moms feel anxious that they might not be mothering hard enough for their babies to develop them. Like, this is from an email I got from some overpriced bougie baby toys I get delivered:

A research study proved that babies who played with both tubes and containers had a more advanced understanding of when something will stay inside of something else. In the study, 14-month-old babies were given a chance to explore the difference between blocks being dropped into a tube (the blocks fall out) and blocks dropped into a closed can (the blocks stay in). The 14-month-olds who were given tubes had the same understanding of containment as 21-month-olds who were just given containers.

Oh my god, Edith could have a 21-month-old understanding of containment at only 14 months?????? Ok, I will bore the shit out of us both with hours of tube play to bring this about! Damned if this kid will live for seven months with a rudimentary understanding of containment on my watch!

The really sad thing is that every time I read something about baby skill development my immediate, panicked reaction is that I have neglected to do some fundamental work with Edith that she needs. I remember obsessing about Edith not doing enough tummy time (because she hated it and just WOULD NOT do it) as if it were at all possible that she might reach her 30s while still being unable to sit up independently…and then she started crawling two months early anyhow.

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