Edith’s swimming lessons have continued every Sunday afternoon. She now kicks and splashes in the water, she is no longer afraid of the wall (although she does still complain vocally at it) and sometimes she will even condescend to touch it. One time she knocked down two turtles on her own. I have begun to submerge her at the submerging parts, and she doesn’t mind it at all, strangely. She’s become very at home in the water.

For the last four weeks, my mom’s come with us, which is just massively easier. She keeps Edith company in the backseat during the drive, feeding her if she cries and keeping the sun off her, she schleps the bag and the towel, and she hands me her stuff while I change her after class and then she holds her while I change.

Also, she takes videos, so I can see how much Edith is grinning and enjoying herself. I mostly hold her face out during class, so I hadn’t previously seen her face at all, and because she’s shivering and sometimes complaining, I had just assumed she was stone-faced (which is her usual mien in public situations where she’s a little overwhelmed), but she’s having a big time.

She gets excited now when we get there, and complains when we leave. It’s really fun to see her get enthusiastic about an activity so early in her life. I want to give her lots of fun things to do (even if they bore the shit out of me).

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