We’re expecting an ice storm overnight here in Texas, and so everyone is just expecting the grid to crash again, and for us all to be plunged back into the nightmare of the great blackout of February ’21.

During last year’s catastrophic failure, I was pregnant and alone, but I was also cozily sharing an energy grid with a major hospital, nestled up to it like a gosling, drawing warmth from its higher priority status.

This year, I’m a hick in the middle of nowhere, so we’re going to be shit out of luck if there are blackouts again.

Everyone else is discussing all the preparations they have taken and supplies they have laid in and how at least this time, we’ll all be well prepared for it, and I’m like….uh, was I supposed to do that? I have done NOTHING to prepare; I forgot about what happened as soon as it was over and never thought about it again, which is my approach to every seasonal issue. For example, every year, I forget to get a CPA, do a shit job with my taxes on Turbo Tax, say to myself next year I will get a CPA!, and then promptly forget all about it until April.

We do have a down sleeping bag and a ton of canned goods, though, so probably it will be fine.

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  1. Zandy says:

    Maybe water.


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