A Bad TV Show

I watched all of The Woman In the House Across the Street from the Girl In the Window, even though it was extremely bad. I watched it because it was extremely bad. I was fascinated by how bad it was! Everyone I’ve seen talk about it has said that it was so bad they turned it off halfway through the first episode. And they’re right! But why exactly was it so painfully bad?

I think it’s because it really wanted to be a sort of goofy slapstick parody but it only had 2-3 jokes per episode. We’re used to a really high level of joke density, very energetic rapidly jokey shows, and this show was just very slow and flat and full of effort. It was like it was written by people who had never done comedy writing before and had to work really, really hard at getting a couple jokes out the door. But why would Kristen Bell and (spoiler) GLENN CLOSE sign up to do such a clunker of a project? How do projects like this happen? It’s always such a mystery to me, although I guess the answer is probably boring. Maybe as boring as this show was.

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