Edith got a book that had one of those fold-out big pictures on the last pages. I knew that it had this, because it said on the cover “includes beautiful fold-out panorama!” and also it was the first part of the book that came open, so I had looked at the beautiful fold-out panorama myself. And yet, for some reason, when I came to that bit after reading straight through the book for the first time, I thought, “oh, the manufacturer neglected to cut these pages” and began to use my fingers to rip the panorama apart.

This was an insane thing to think, because:

(a) this isn’t the 19th century;

(b) it was a board book; and

(c) this just isn’t a thing!

And yet, “this isn’t coming apart very easily or neatly!” I thought, observing the carnage, and then continued to tenaciously rip at the binding.

Well, I ruined Edith’s beautiful fold-out panorama. I have no defense, other than exhaustion and general idiocy.

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