I am always excited to go to bed, but I am especially excited to go to bed tonight, because I have new sheets!

I have been using this one set of sheets for like a year now, and they have actual holes in them. Every time I put them on my bed, I think, I am not a 24-year-old, why do I have these sheets? And then I move on and forget about it.

But finally, I bought two sets of new sheets in fun prints and today I washed them and I put one of them on my bed, and I cannot wait to sleep on them.

But wait!

As if that were not enough, I ALSO bought two new towels! I have never in my entire adult life bought my own bath towels. I am 40, and I have been using the same rotating handful of (now extremely ratty) towels that I took from my parents’ house since I first moved out at the age of 18. It hasn’t always been the same exact towels; I have moved home and back periodically and in each of those moves, I obtained some more. But they were all my parents’ originally.

I bought two aqua blue waffle bath sheets and I can’t wait to use one after my shower tonight. Then, I will get into my new sheets!

Fuck me, what a party.

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