I went for a run today, for the first time since….probably July? I ran for like maybe half a mile down and around the little neighborhood pond here and then back to the mailboxes, and I nearly hacked up a lung.

Every time I go back to running after a long time away, I’m newly annoyed with how little exercise accrues. Like, you can diligently keep in decent shape for your whole life and then get out of shape for a few years and then get back into shape, and you will be in exactly the same place as a person who was out of shape for that entire time but then got into shape at the same time you did.

It’s not fair. You ought to accrue some sort of benefit for each year you are in shape. Like, every year you are in shape should stave off menopause for one additional year. If you’re in shape for a decade, you should go through menopause one decade later than the usual age. Etc.

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  1. Zandy says:

    Like a fleshy 401(k)

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