I think that Edith is teething again. I’m not positive because I can’t really see any teeth coming through, but this morning she was unusually whiny and spent a lot of time throwing herself dramatically onto the floor and keening in my direction while making pathetic puppy eye expressions, and in between, she gnawed on her fingers or my shoulder or whatever was to hand, so I figure that must be what it is.

It’s about time, because for several months now she has had only the bottom front two teeth and it seems like past time for her to add some more. It’s really holding her back in the food department — she very much wants to eat all the things, but she simply doesn’t have the arsenal yet.

While I’ve been awaiting her teeth, I’ve thought a lot about teeth just in general. Mostly how disgusting they are — we have these hard jagged things that just…shove out through our gums? And as if that weren’t bad enough, a SECOND set shoves the first one out eventually in an extended bloody process involving tearing and roots??? Teeth are even more disgusting than fingernails or hair, both of which are horrifying when viewed objectively. Human beings are revolting nightmares.

But Edith’s little teeth are the cutest and I will absolutely be saving them in a jar when they fall out.


  1. Zandy says:

    I have so many human teeth on my jewelry tray, none of them mine.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      That’s punk as fuck.

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