I don’t know why, but for some time now, Edith really wants to stick her finger in my mouth over dinner. She indicates this by pointing at me and squinching her face up in a little grin, and then I lead towards her to see what she wants, and then she fishhooks my lower lip with her pointing finger. She never tires of this. I don’t know what the appeal is, or why it is specifically a dinnertime activity, but I’m just along for the ride, really.

Last night, though, she put a chunk of avocado in my mouth. This was a revelation for her, and she completely forgot about eating her own dinner with the novelty of dropping an endless series of black beans and rice puffs and blueberry halves into my mouth, or at least trying repeatedly.

I don’t love this as an activity for several reasons: her food is gross and I don’t want it. The process is repetitive and boring, especially as she’s not that coordinated yet. And finally, she needs to focus on eating her own dinner!

But my primary aim in life is to do whatever she wants and make her happy, so I’m stuck with this until she gets tired of it, I guess.

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