After one week and a day of trying, Edith has successfully argued her case that she will not be napping in our bedroom. She has been both consistent and emphatic in her position on this issue, and her nanny and I both agree that it is time for us to accept her parameters as definitive.

So she will return to napping in the playroom when she feels so inclined, and if she does not, then she will quite simply not be napping. And we will have to respect that.

Yesterday when we were still attempting naps in the bedroom, Edith vocally declined to nap at all, and by the time her nanny left at 4, she was practically falling over from exhaustion. I don’t usually like to do naps that late in the day because I’m afraid she won’t be tired for her bedtime, but she wasn’t going to make it, so we went and took a 45-minute one and I had to wake her from deep sleep eventually.

She was not pleased with this at all, and was an absolute beast through dinner, and no matter how many times I explained that she did this to herself and it wasn’t my fault, she continued to yell at me about it and give me dagger eyes and just generally vent her displeasure in my direction.

Meanwhile, Mom helpfully explained that children blame their mothers for everything that goes wrong, and it will only get worse from here, and that she is happy I now have the opportunity to experience it.

Strange to think that a year ago, I was living alone in peaceful quiet with no one making demands or offering running commentary on the day’s events.

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