Baby Gym

Austin went all the way back down to Stage 2 very suddenly so Edith and I went back to Baby Gym today.

It felt insane.

We were indoors in a single room with like ten babies and their parents, and all of those kids go to daycare, so for their parents, it was not anything out of the ordinary, but I kept second-guessing myself.

Edith was unaware of this context. Baby Gym isn’t an especially well-timed outing for her because usually she takes like a 30 minute catchup nap at 9 and Baby Gym is at 9:15, so she was sleepy and then also overwhelmed with being amongst a ton of chaos and other people. She wanted to be held for the first half, but then she warmed up a little bit and started crawling around.

It’s tough to say if she enjoyed herself, but when we got home, she conked out for two hours, which is very unlike her. I expect we will both get sick with something or other and I’m not looking forward to it because with the sleep regression I already don’t have much energy. But as I have explained before, I have a deep fear of neglectfully enmeshing Edith in my weird depressive hermit lifestyle, so we are going to keep going to baby stuff on the weekends no matter how miserable it makes either of us.

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