Edith peed in my bed today. I don’t know exactly how she did it — she was wearing a diaper and I was holding her next to me, and we were co-napping. So, it seems impossible that she could have peed the bed.

But somehow, she managed it.

I didn’t notice that she did. She woke up, and we were rough-housing around and I noticed that her sleeve was soaking wet.

“That’s weird!” I said. “You must have really drooled on yourself!”

We went back to what we were doing, and then later, I realized that part of my sheet was wet, too. And then I saw that there was a whole big circle of wetness in the bed. And still I thought, “wow, that’s a lot of drool.”

Everything about this was weird — she somehow peed…up…her arm? Like, her diaper was dry, her legs were dry, but one sleeve and my bed were wet.

She’s a magical little child; she does something astonishing every day.

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