Although Edith has started to walk, she still prefers to be walked around by an adult if possible, and this is because she’s not yet steady enough on her feet to kick things, which is her new favorite thing to do. She loves to kick balls along the floor, or any little toy that’s around, and she will do this for as long as a patient adult is willing to accommodate it. Her nanny loops a scarf around her waist and holds the ends of it so that she doesn’t need to stoop over for this activity, and so they can do this basically all afternoon.

Like many mothers, I had entertained hopes that my child might perhaps not be interested in soccer at all when the time came. I have never played or watched a game of soccer in my entire life, and I do not feel I have missed out.

But given that Edith maneuvered a way she could kick balls along the floor before she even learned how to walk independently, I’m afraid that cleats and orange slices might be in my future.


  1. Surely the fall of civilization as we know it will occur long before you’re in that sort of bind.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      We can only hope.


  2. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!


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