I have moved on from the Wordles and Quordles of the past, and my new obsession is Semantle, which I first heard about from Michelle of the excellent Pipe Wrench Magazine. At first, it’s impossibly difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very addictive. Some days, I get within 10 words of the answer and simply cannot figure it out at all, and then I feel like the stupidest and most worthless of losers, but other days (like today), I nail it in fewer than 50 tries (38 today to be precise) and then feel superior to god and man. Being built up so high only to be flung down so low on a daily basis keeps me both humble and anxious to redeem myself, and so I crawl back to the game again and again, begging it to approve of me.

Give it a try!

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