So far, Edith hasn’t really taken much notice of other children her age. She looks at them with this sort of confused and only slightly interested face, as if she is thinking, “Why are you?” Other kids don’t focus on her and do things for her like adults do, and so they don’t fit into her map of how the world works. But she’s just now starting to interact with them a tiny bit.

Yesterday at baby gym, Edith would periodically take notice of another child and crawl furiously to them with a mission in mind. I did not want to know what that mission was, so I usually intercepted her just when she got to them. But there’s a time toward the end of class where kids are supposed to play on their own without parental interference (I have yet to go along with this) and during this time, a little boy came over and snatched Edith’s toy away from her. She took this with equanimity, which I was a little surprised about. She just looked at him thoughtfully, and then at her hand where the toy had been.

Shortly thereafter, she went over to another little girl and snatched her toy away from her. Thus the cycle of social injustice is perpetuated. (I made her give the toy back.)

In Edith’s swimming class, there is a tiny infant, about six months old, the most adorable little button. I’m obsessed with her. At one point, this baby was shouting a bit, warming up to a cry, and Edith suddenly wrenched herself around in my arms, looked at the baby, and screamed. Like, this long sort of communicative howl directly at the baby. I don’t know what she meant to convey, but it was very funny and all of the adults laughed. The baby, though, burst into tears, and at that, Edith…snickered to herself. There’s no other way to describe it, she looked around at everyone with a satisfied expression and chuckled.

So. I guess she’s starting to socialize.

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  1. Zandy says:

    This is primarily how I socialize, so I am pleased with these developments.

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