An armadillo seems to have taken up residence in our yard, and is waging all sorts of destruction in our beds and under the fence. We put my dad’s field camera out there, but so far haven’t caught a glimpse of it. I am completely unaware of the outside world and wouldn’t notice if the yard became a howling void like outside the Beetlejuice house, but this armadillo is driving my mother wild. She found its tunnel under the fence and put a big rock in it, and the next day, the armadillo had tossed the rock to one side and expanded the hole.

Mom consulted with various companies and after some shocking figures ($700 to rehome an armadillo?), she found one that would trap and release it for a reasonable cost. I have read online that armadillos are very difficult to catch, but this guy said they couldn’t be easier, that they are insensible to their surroundings and just waddle into whatever is directly in front of them, so the trick is having the trap be where the armadillo happens to be walking anyway, which apparently requires some trial-and-error.

I am very excited to see the armadillo! I went out in the cold back yard first thing this morning to investigate the trap, which is currently aligned with the main under-fence tunnel hole, but it is as yet empty.


  1. I feel like you could just sic Edith on the critter.

    Beware, though: Some armadillos carry leprosy and can transmit it to people, though apparently that’s rare. So you might look into getting her a little HAZMAT suit or something before sending her out.

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      Oh believe me I KNOW. My mother is on top of every disease that has ever been transmitted by anything to anyone, she keeps me pretty constantly informed. The baby will not be allowed outside until the armadillo has been removed and we have personally bleached and rinsed every single grain of dirt.

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