I don’t want to overly gender Edith one way or the other, but it’s a tough balance to strike because focusing too much on not gendering her makes gender even more central and explicit than it otherwise would be.

I actually think my parents did a really great job with this when I was a baby and little kid. They just let me pick out my own clothes and toys and they related to me as an individual. I had tool benches and dolls, I loved ninja turtles and my little ponies. I never got into Barbies, but I wasn’t discouraged from doing so. I dressed like an insane person, but I never thought about being a girl and what that meant until fairly far along in school. After that, I was fucked — when I was growing up, we didn’t have options about what social role we filled, and it’s too late for me now, but I am happy that Edith looks likely to have a lot of different identities she can try on.

Edith is too little to dress herself for now, though, so I’m just picking out what I like for her. Much of her first year was taken care of for us, as many kind relatives sent her tons of cute things. When she needed more for winter, I gravitated toward more muted colors complimented with bright primaries, cozy-looking things with dinosaurs or stripes, so I dressed her pretty much fully in boys’ clothes. But for this summer, I am into bright fun prints, rainbows and fruits, and the baby girl summer clothes are just way more fun and cuter, so I got her all that stuff for the warm weather. I bought way too much of it, it’s so adorable!

I know it’s stupid to buy her cute stuff — she mostly goes naked in the house and outside, it gets immediately covered in dirt and food, plus she outgrows it in two months. But I indulged myself. She won’t be a baby long.

(P.S. – Still no armadillo.)

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