I’m pretty sure Edith said her first word today, or at any rate her first English word. I was holding her stuffed bunny and she was pointing at various parts of its anatomy and I was naming them, and then she started saying “this” pointing at, say, his foot, and looking at me expectantly and we did that probably a dozen times. She baby talks at me a lot, but this was the first time I felt like she was really communicating verbally, saying the exact same thing each time and expecting a specific response.

Not the most fascinating word in the world. “This.” When she’s older and asks what her first word was, I’ll say it was “this!” and she’ll say, “what? This?” and I’ll say, “yes, this!” and she’ll say “finger?” and I’ll say, “no, this!” and we’ll have ourselves a right little routine.

(Still no armadillo, but my mother discovered another hole just to the side of the cage, and also the flower beds in the front yard were torn up today. We might have underestimated the armadillo.)

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