Edith has roseola (probably), which sounds very beautiful but is actually a virus. She’s had a high fever for a couple nights and I took her in to the doctor today. There’s nothing especially interesting about this, but it seems worth noting as I expect it is the first of any number of childhood diseases we will get to experience.

The most tricky thing about a sick baby it seems is deciding whether or not to wake them up in the middle of the night to give them fever reducer. The night before this one, I did not wake Edith up — she didn’t feel that warm, so I let her sleep. But last night, she felt very hot to me so I got her up and wrestled some Tylenol down her throat, but then she couldn’t go back to sleep. In fact, I later learned that she was still trying to fall asleep a full hour later! So I felt like it would have been better to have just let her sleep.

(I learned this because my mother, who is fully a night creature, makes a habit sometimes of peering at the sleeping baby via the baby monitor in the kitchen, because we are all insane here and can’t get enough of the baby, and she told me that Edith was still up at 3.)

Meanwhile the armadillo has demolished the beds in the front of our house, and left its poop all over the front lawn, so as we suspected it has neither moved on nor been successfully repelled. My mother has contacted the armadillo guy and is awaiting his response.

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