Life slows down a lot with a baby, so I have a lot of time to notice and wonder about small details that probably wouldn’t have registered before.

For example, in recent mornings I have spent quite a lot of time pondering this:

How did this partnership come about? Who thought of it, and when, and why? How and when was Ice-T approached for it? Why did he say yes? Who photographed him for this, and why this pose? How long did it take to get this shot, and what was communicated on either side the day of the shoot? What are the other 3 workouts involving Coach Ice-T? Why “Coach”? Again…why Ice-T?

This is a good thing to ponder, because no matter how much time I have to sit and think about it, I will never arrive at any answers.


  1. Zandy says:

    It’s a lateral thinking puzzle.
    Also, I noticed this on the back of our Cheerios yesterday. We have workout 1, the pose is weirder, the bee is involved, and I guess you could pour iced tea into your cheerios instead of milk. You know. For energy.

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  2. I don’t know the answers, but it’s the best thing ever:

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