Staff Area

At Baby Gym, there is a swinging door in the back corner where the staff members bring the toys in and out. Edith recently spotted the swinging door entry to the staff area, and that is now ALL SHE IS INTERESTED IN. Yesterday she broke for the door (and I had to chase after her and drag her away from it, kicking) THREE TIMES in 45 minutes.

If you have been following along, here are some previous things Edith has been single-mindedly interested in at Baby Gym: pulling the colored masking tape off of the carpet, sucking on a staff member’s cell phone charger plugged in behind a bunch of play equipment, studiously inspecting the logo on the trampoline for seriously fifteen minutes at a time, following around one particular Dad.

Here are all the things available for her to be interested in at Baby Gym should she ever desire: multiple trampolines, mats, climbing equipment, ball pits, bubble machines, sports balls and hoops, cars, musical instruments, pom poms, puppets, jungle gyms, swings, trapezes, other children, etc. etc.

Similarly at home we have every toy known to man, and all Edith wants to do is make a giant pile of dirty laundry and shoes in the windowless master closet and then sit atop it, crowing.

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