Roe, Pt 2

Ok, now that I have had some time to cool down, I would like to slightly walk back my post from Tuesday. Political action is not useless. It’s actually essential; I just wish it wasn’t, and I wish it were faster.

I have come to believe that local community work is a better solution to many problems than government, but as SB8 has well proven, local community work cannot even happen if it is made illegal, and the chief thing that the far right wants to accomplish in the culture wars is not merely to sideline or marginalize behavior they disagree with but to actively prosecute it. And when it comes to abortion, repealing Roe is not the end goal for anti-choicers. I follow right Twitter, and they are of course over the moon about this, but the most common sentiment is that this is not the end, but the beginning. Their next step is a nation-wide ban, and beyond that, they will likely seek to criminalize it.

So look, the Democrats are fucking worthless; all they do is maintain the status quo. If you want a more progressive world, they will not get us there. They won’t protect the planet, they won’t lift people out of poverty, they won’t reform our justice system. They’re just in government to get rich. But at this point, Republicans are the activist party, they’re in government to get rich and also to control what we all do in our own homes and communities. The more control they get, the less freedom everybody has.

So, flipping Georgia was a huge fucking deal and a lot of people worked really hard at it. I have a friend who flew out there and knocked doors and she is rightly very annoyed at everyone who cannot even be bothered to make phone calls to swing states during an election year. Merely keeping the wolf from the door is not sexy work. It’s not fun, it’s not fast, and it’s not the kind of thing that makes young men feel like splashy heroes. But it is essential, and I’m sorry I suggested that it wasn’t. I’ll try to hold my nose and do it in November.

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