Downtown Kyle

I took Edith to the playground downtown this morning again. She was tired and clingy so she didn’t really run around that much, but I enjoyed it. The park is shady and pretty, and there are always other toddlers and parents there, and it’s nice to chat with the moms. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger and maintain it when you both have toddlers. Taking Edith there is exactly like taking a dog to a dog park, socially.

I took this little video of the town square; it’s got a real Stars Hollow thing going on with the gazebo and the giant pie.


  1. Zandy says:

    I simply cannot wait to visit!

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  2. When I read the title, I didn’t remember that you lived in a place called Kyle, and I thought I was going to read something about a guy named Kyle who really had a thing for downtown or who was a bit of a character downtown, your very own variant of Disco Stu. Downtown Kyle practically lives at the Texas Pie Company, makes those friendly finger guns at people to say hello, and wears rhinestone-bedazzled boots. He gives impromptu tours of the downtown area to people who don’t look like locals — he has a friendly way about him and a smile enhanced by a gold bicuspid. Over time, he has developed the catchphrase “I’m Downtown Kyle, and I’ll make you smile, and I hope you’ll set and stay for a while,” which he intones with a wink and a sweep of his arm. Underneath this veneer, Downtown Kyle is a broken man who keeps a revenge diary into which he places hairs plucked from those who shun his kindness, with notes about the encounter and the vengeance he deems appropriate. Nobody who witnessed the encounter would have seen anything amiss in Kyle’s demeanor when the Marlowes, who were passing through en route to Dallas, gave him the cold shoulder, but the Marlowes never did turn up in Dallas and have not been heard of by kith or kin since. He will make you smile and set for a while, will Downtown Kyle, a man you’d do well to humor.

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    1. (Also the town is very quaint!)

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    2. Elizabeth says:

      It is highly likely that such a character exists.

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