Yesterday I knocked a Nalgene full of water all over my work computer. It immediately made hissing frying sounds, so I knew it was not good. I failed to Google what to do when you dump water on your computer (the answer is turn it off immediately and don’t turn it on again for 48 hours), so I kept trying to turn it back on, likely doing further damage.

I have a work computer for work and a personal computer for personal use and I am fanatic about keeping everything entirely separate. As a result, I had no way to get into any of my work stuff on my personal computer because all of my passwords were in my 1Password which is only on my work computer.

The idea of leaving the house unexpectedly in hundred degree heat to drive into Austin and go to the Apple store in a busy mall was about as appealing as being repeatedly punched in the face; I would almost rather have abandoned my job and my mortgage and waded out into the sea.

BUT! At some point, my computer booted up long enough for me to copy down the essential passwords. I thought it might be back for good, but then it blacked out again.

I was able to set everything for work up on this tiny 11″ MacBook I’ve had since 2015. So the key thing now is for this computer to continue functioning until my new work computer arrives.

But now I wonder: how are we not constantly dumping liquids on our computers? It seems like this should be a weekly occurrence.

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