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Recent Reads

Well, 2017 hasn’t officially started yet, so I’ve still been reading a lot. Mostly books I have not been loving that much. So, you know, be forewarned. Not a lot of solid winners in this post.

Summer Reads

Well, I did it again. I waited too long. So, here’s a giant post on everything I read this whole summer! This is going to be so long that I can’t imagine anyone will read it except possibly my mother, but now that I’ve started doing this, I feel a compulsive need to blog about every […]

Recent Reads

I guess if I’m going to do these, I need to do them more frequently, because this is going to be super long. Here’s all the stuff I’ve read over the past couple of months, if anyone is interested!


I am moving to Austin in like three weeks and downsizing from a three bedroom, two living room house to a small one-bedroom apartment. The only thing on my to do list for today was to start packing (and possibly culling?) my approximately 400,000 books. As of 11:00am, I have packed exactly zero books, but I have ordered […]

Recent Reads

Everybody really liked my year in reading post, so now I’m thinking I should maybe write more about the books I read. But I have this problem – because I read so much, people tend to go read the books I rate at five stars or say that I love, and then a lot of times […]

Books I Read in 2015

This time last year, I made a resolution to read less and live more. I failed miserably on both counts, oops. I read 95 books in 2015! And one was Infinite Jest, which should probably round me up to 100 at least. I think this might be a personal record.