The Sahara

We pulled up to a fancy hotel that was under construction. M handed each of us a liter of bottled water, then led us through the building to a courtyard by a plunge pool, ringed with blue-and-white-striped tents over chaise lounges, and behind it was the full-out freaking Sahara, its big bright orange dunes cutting up into the sky. Continue reading “The Sahara”

Marrakesh to Merzouga

The next morning, R and I were in the dark lobby at 6:00am. So were two pretty young women, who introduced themselves to us as D and V, nurses from Dublin. As some dudes led the four of us across the deserted early morning Djemma el-Fna, D and V told us that they’d been in Morocco for several days now, were finding it exceedingly expensive and were surprised it was so cold.

“We only brought T-shirts,” said V. “I bought this fleece from a vendor, and ooh, he saw me coming. Paid more than I ever would at home. Look, we got these henna tattoos, too. $25! Got taken. Horrible, aren’t they?”  Continue reading “Marrakesh to Merzouga”

From New York to London to Fez

I was at a goodbye brunch with friends when R called, having just realized that our flight from London to Fez, which we thought was a day after we arrived in London, in fact departed the same afternoon we arrived, meaning we would spend the day crossing from Heathrow to Stanstead, and arrive in Fez that night after a full two days of travel. Continue reading “From New York to London to Fez”