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Soylent: The Final Update

It’s been quite awhile since I updated on my Soylent experiment. Since last we spoke, they seem to have finally worked out the kinks in the product, since some of the more annoying aspects of it stopped being a problem for me (*cough* gas *cough*). No subsequent versions have felt as filling and fully satisfying as the original […]

Soylent Update

I thought it was about time for an update on my Soylent experiment. I’ve been on about 90% Soylent for about a month and a half now. I ate food for a week and a half while my mom was visiting, and then for a week while I was out of town on a work […]

Soylent – Day Seven

And so my week of public Soylent consumption has come to an end. I have one packet of Soylent left, actually, because I did not end up drinking an entire pitcher every day, but once that’s gone, it’s back to normal food until my resupply ships.

Soylent – Day Six

My burrito last night was tasty, but it did not usher in an overwhelming desire to eat the world, which I was a bit afraid it would. I am fine today having my Soylent. And this is something else that Soylent might end up being helpful for…

Soylent – Day Five

Today, let’s talk about nature. One of the objections I frequently see to Soylent and any sort of processed food replacement is that it isn’t “natural.” People seem to be operating under the delusion that nature is benevolent. It is, of course, crazy to ascribe human characteristics to nature, but still, I am pretty sure that […]

Soylent – Day Four

I spent all day working from bed today, because my lower back was actually really jacked up. I feel much better after a day resting it; plus, I realized the ibuprofen I’d been dosing myself with since Saturday actually expired in 2011, so that explains a lot. Anyway, because I barely moved today, I didn’t […]

Soylent – Day Three

I’m going to try really hard not to be evangelical about this, because I am all too familiar with the ludicrous claims of people who have gone on some sort of restrictive eating regimen: I had so much more energy! My skin cleared up! I was able to break through brick walls with my fists! I could […]

Soylent – Day Two

So, guess what, everyone? Are you ready for this? I did not get hungry before bedtime last night! I did get hungry an hour after bedtime when I was still fucking around on the internet, but that was my own fault. The point is, a pitcher of Soylent held me all day, for my usual […]

Soylent – Day One

Today was my first day of Soylent consumption, and I think it went pretty well, actually! I am one of those people who wakes up kind of nauseous, so I generally start with coffee and then eat something after I’ve been up an hour or so. Usually that would be Cheerios or cookies or whatever, […]

A Week of Soylent

About a year ago, I went in on the Soylent kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of Soylent, here is an article about it. I am basically Soylent’s target customer — I’ve been dreaming of a food pill for years. It’s not that I don’t enjoy food. I do. I love eating as much as the next person, […]