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I’m lucky to have a large park within jogging distance of my house. It’s along a rural-ish (although increasingly busy) road, and I often see deer there. The other day, a mother and her fawn were eating right in the park, and were completely unperturbed by the joggers and cyclists going past. I took this […]

Tough Crowd

The baby smiles at me a lot and talks to me periodically, but she will not laugh at me. I thought she didn’t laugh at all, until I mentioned this one day and my mother said, “oh, she laughs all the time!” Then, the other day, I heard her absolutely losing her shit at something […]

Mom Guilt

I thought that I would be immune to mom guilt, because I typically am not subject to the pressures that come from wanting to be socially accepted or approved of, since I am genuinely comfortable being entirely isolated from other people (this is not really a good thing). However, I have been surprised to find […]

Pool Day

Today, we (my mother, the nanny, and I) took the baby to the neighborhood pool. It’s a nice pool, with a covered baby pool and a pretty elaborate splash pad. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over two years, but I’d never used the pool, because I figured it’d be full of kids. But now […]

On Birthdays and Water Picks

I have a reputation for being anti-adult birthday. This is not entirely true, but it’s close enough to the truth that I have leaned into it, since overall, I’m more anti than pro. In actuality, I mostly just feel that it’s unseemly for an adult to make a huge deal out of their birthday or […]


I turned forty today. It feels like I’ve been forty for a long time, so although it’s rather a milestone birthday, it doesn’t feel like one. The main thing about being forty is that I’m a mother now. I had a baby three and a half months ago. I’m not one of those people who […]

Black Lives Matter

I don’t really know whether I should post about this or not; it seems redundant to do so, as I’m sure no one needs me to tell them what’s going on or what to do about it. But it also feels not quite right not to say anything. So, I’ll just limit my comment on […]

Bunnies In Quarantine

I’ve been thinking about what all of you are going through — and let me be clear here, by “all of you,” I am talking about my fellow privileged knowledge workers whose primary problem right now is that they’re all losing their minds from the extreme isolation — and it brings to mind the time […]

Nativity Set

My grandparents lived in Bethlehem, PA, which is probably the most Christmassy place I have ever been, and is also where I spent the majority of my Christmases as a kid. My Nana had a nativity set I especially admired, because it had probably three times the amount of animals of most nativity sets, and […]