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Possible Configurations

I’ve been busy and I’ve also been thinking about being busy, and about jobs and women and parenting and families, and I think that all of the arguing boils down to the fact that, for ordinary people with ordinary energy levels, only the following configurations are possible:

I Rarely Do This…

But everyone must go over to Buzzfeed and read this letter that the woman who Brock Turner raped read to him in court. It’s very long and very depressing, and for many of us, it is a sunny summer weekend, and yet, you must read all of it, down to the last word, no exceptions. I’m […]

Three Wishes

After much thought, I think I have arrived on the final set of three wishes I would make should a genie ever present me with the option: Make me independently wealthy, such that forever after I will have all the money I want to do whatever I feel like doing without ever having to work […]

“Quitting Your Job To Travel Isn’t Brave. It’s Lucky”

When we start equating privilege with bravery, something even worse occurs: we suddenly view the opposite of those acts as complacent, and even cowardly. That staying at a job you hate is somehow ignoble (spoiler: it’s not. If someone works tirelessly at a job they hate in order to support themselves and/or their family, that is […]

So, The Toast has this great feeling where men just seem to be just so quiet, and even the male fans who want to be involved quietly participate and don’t force their way in. How do you think that’s come about, and how do we make the rest of the Internet exactly like that?   […]

1:32a it has become nearly impossible to string a coherent sentence together. why is it that we always attempt to have intellectual conversations when we are physically incapable of doing so? you know what passes for witty discourse in my everyday life? “hey stranger at a party, do you ever feel like your deodorant has […]

Georgie Porgie, Problematic as Pie

This year, I’ve been participating in a tutoring program in which adult volunteers work one-on-one with kindergartners to reinforce the reading and writing concepts they’re learning in class. I meet with the same two little girls every Monday for thirty minutes each. They meet with another tutor on Wednesdays and another one on Thursdays. Typically, I […]

A Dancing Man

I read blogs in Feedly, and sometimes the juxtaposition of what I read is interesting. I also use TweetDeck for Twitter, and I have one column that is nearly all black people, and one column that is nearly all white people in tech. The juxtaposition of that is always very interesting — on nearly every day, […]

Thoughts on Fear

Today a man knocked on my door with a couple of rakes and a bag of trash bags, and he asked me if he could rake my leaves. I don’t usually open my door to strangers, but I did for some reason today. I told him no before I thought about it, and then he […]


You might be familiar with FOMO — fear of missing out. It’s that thing where you overcommit and stay up later than you really want to, because you’re afraid that the one time you stay home (or leave early) the thing you’re missing will be really fun (even though nothing is ever any fun). I […]