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Rabbit Skeleton

I never wanted or expected to come into possession of such a thing, but shit happens and I paid a mint for it, so I might as well share: here is an x-ray of your average rabbit: A particularly interesting thing about this is, the rabbit is apparently 98% intestine. Which explains a lot. “Life,” […]

Me and T

I haven’t posted anything in forever, so here’s a selfie! Because I work in a distributed workplace, every so often somone will start a selfie thread and everyone posts a picture of wherever they are working from at that moment. This can get interesting as some of us are nomads, but since I never leave […]

A Year In Reading

Since basically all I do is read, a year-in-review post and a year-in-reading post are one and the same. I am a Vibrant Party Person. Anyway, I read over 55 books this past year. And actually, you know what? I’m not going to list them. And I’m not going to say which ones were my […]

A Spider

I’ve been deeply into the fall malaise that hits me every other year or so, and have been feeling really shitty about how little I’m getting done and how much effort it takes to not do it. A few days ago, I noticed this spider on the wall, a few inches from the doorframe that […]

Last night, I arrived home with a bottle of wine, only to be unable to find my wine tool anywhere. This is odd because I live alone, have never had anyone over, and am not the sort of person who misplaces things. But it was nowhere to be found. I tried with no success to […]

A Pointless Follow-Up

I just wanted to mention that it has been nearly a month since I quit Facebook, and although I was a pretty heavy Facebook user, I have missed it exactly zero times! If you’ve thought about leaving, I highly recommend it. Why listen to people you haven’t talked to in fifteen years bitch endlessly about their […]

Election Day!

I’m not sure which possibility disturbs me more: that our votes are actually meaningless and “democracy” is a farce, or that it actually works and all of us blithering morons really do on some level decide which direction this country heads in. Anyway, get out there and vote today! (As long as you’re voting the way […]

Errands Day

I took the day off work today to vote and run some errands I’ve been putting off for a really long time, because I hate leaving the house. I find that almost anything that can be done out in the physical world can be done much more quickly and accurately online. But sometimes you have to […]

Fall Football

I live a few blocks away from a high school, and in the early evenings this time of year, I can often hear the murmurings of the announcer at the school football games, the soft roar of the crowd, and the occasional muted clashing of the marching band from far away.  It makes me feel […]

This morning when my alarm went off, I was dreaming that I was in the middle of some boring task involving filing. And I actually got up (I keep the alarm clock on the opposite side of the room), hit snooze, said to myself — while awake, mind you — “I’ll just finish this real quick, and […]