Snorkeling In Belize

Our group outing for the week was a snorkeling trip. My coworker, Denise, who planned our entire trip because she’s awesome, had reserved for us a super fancy-schmancy boat. I think that the first time anyone invites you on a boat trip, most people picture some sort of yacht and end up in a rusted out rowboat, so over the years, you learn to curb your expectations, boat-wise. But this boat was a very excellent boat, with a big comfortable deck and mats and beanbags to sprawl out on.

We rolled up to the first snorkel spot towering above everybody else in their little dinghies, like we were rappers or something. Continue reading “Snorkeling In Belize”

San Pedro, Belize

Back in April, I spent two weeks in Belize. The first week was a meetup with my coworkers, and it was on the island of San Pedro, which is one of the two main tourist islands off of Ambergris Caye (the other being Caye Caulker). We had a small lodge (Sundiver Lodge) to ourselves — nine of us were there, plus the staff.Continue reading “San Pedro, Belize”


A year ago, I took a trip to Budapest for a conference and a work meetup, and I forgot to ever blog about it! So let’s lump this one under better late than never.Continue reading “Budapest”

Canyon de Chelly

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we drove for what felt like days through the Navajo reservation. I know this isn’t news, but the US sure did screw the Navajo. I’d never been on a reservation before, and it is just miles and miles of nothing. Boiling hot sun on dirt, and not so much as a tree to be seen. We got to the little town of Chinle in the evening. Continue reading “Canyon de Chelly”

Chiricahua National Monument

Our next destination was the Chiricahua National Monument, near Willcox, Arizona. When we drove into the park, we were disappointed to find the looming mountains to either side of the car almost entirely shrouded in mist. Chiricahua is packed with eerie towering rock formations, resulting from hardened volcanic ash from an eruption millions of years ago. Continue reading “Chiricahua National Monument”

White Sands, New Mexico

Last November, my Mom and I went on a two-week car trip around the Southwest. It was something we’d been saying we were going to do for forever, and it was starting to look like something we’d keep saying we were going to do forever, so I was like, “these two weeks.” And Mom was like, “Well, or maybe in the spring.” And I was like, “No. These two weeks.”

That’s how you make vacations happen. Otherwise, they don’t.  Continue reading “White Sands, New Mexico”

San Francisco

Last November, my team at work had a meetup in San Francisco (are you detecting a theme to my travels these days)? My company is technically headquartered in San Francisco, so it’s a popular spot for meetups. This was the first time I’d ever been there.  Continue reading “San Francisco”