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New Orleans

About a month ago, I met some friends/coworkers in New Orleans. We were ostensibly there to run the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, but only two of the five of us actually were registered for it, and then we ended up just being couch potatoes all February and failing to train, so in the end, we decided just to […]

Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos

Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos

The last stop of our trip was Albuquerque, where Mom had gone to college. We had a fantastic time there, visiting with one of my coworkers, eating a ton of New Mexican food, riding the Tramway, and exploring the city.  

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we drove for what felt like days through the Navajo reservation. I know this isn’t news, but the US sure did screw the Navajo. I’d never been on a reservation before, and it is just miles and miles of nothing. Boiling hot sun on dirt, and not so much as […]


The Grand Canyon

There isn’t really anything original I can say about the Grand Canyon. It’s…Grand. And orange and blue and massive. And it opens up out of nowhere. 


Tucson, Arizona

We arrived in Tucson when it was still light enough to take a walk through Saguaro National Park and look at all the Saguaro catcti and barrel cacti and other cacti.  


Chiricahua National Monument

Our next destination was the Chiricahua National Monument, near Willcox, Arizona. When we drove into the park, we were disappointed to find the looming mountains to either side of the car almost entirely shrouded in mist. Chiricahua is packed with eerie towering rock formations, resulting from hardened volcanic ash from an eruption millions of years […]


White Sands, New Mexico

Last November, my Mom and I went on a two-week car trip around the Southwest. It was something we’d been saying we were going to do for forever, and it was starting to look like something we’d keep saying we were going to do forever, so I was like, “these two weeks.” And Mom was […]

San Francisco

San Francisco

Last November, my team at work had a meetup in San Francisco (are you detecting a theme to my travels these days)? My company is technically headquartered in San Francisco, so it’s a popular spot for meetups. This was the first time I’d ever been there.  



At the company meetup in San Diego, a group of us got to go skydiving. It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about doing, but I figured as long as the offer was on the table, I might as well go.  

San Diego

Every year, Automattic has a company-wide meetup. We work on projects, give talks on topics that interest us, take workshops, and most of all hang out with each other in person. This past September, the meetup was in San Diego. I’d only been to California once before – to LA for a long weekend. We […]