Nativity Set

My grandparents lived in Bethlehem, PA, which is probably the most Christmassy place I have ever been, and is also where I spent the majority of my Christmases as a kid. My Nana had a nativity set I especially admired, because it had probably three times the amount of animals of most nativity sets, and it did not discriminate as to topical suitability (“look for the skunk in the nativity set,” my dad would mention on the car ride up each year). I spent a lot of time looking at it.

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The Eurello Diaries: Senior Year

In my third and final year of college, I moved into a little house by the river with my best friend, did a lot more plays, and then graduated with a BA in creative writing, with highest honors, although near as I can tell from my diary, I actually went to class at most ten times all year long. State schools: you get what you pay for. 

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If You Just Can’t Get Enough of Me

I don’t publish on this site very frequently — once a month if I’m really feeling myself. I have often wanted to post some random shorter stuff more frequently, but it doesn’t really seem to fit here anymore, now that I mostly use this site for longer pieces that take some time to put together. Also, I don’t want to alienate my existing readership (of like ten people) with a deluge of “content” that they probably don’t care about.

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Is there any figure more truly tragic than Moses? Moses had the shittiest job imaginable (he was the first middle manager), and he was also in a deeply abusive relationship with God. You want to reach back in time and grab him by the collar, shake him, and say, “Moses! He doesn’t really love you! No one who really loved you would ever treat you this way!” 

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The Eurello Diaries: Rumspringa

My sophomore year of college, I lived in a two bedroom apartment-style dorm room with the three friends I made freshman year. I spent the first half of the year thinking I was going to go to med school (hahahahaha) and the second half doing theater and planning to major in whatever would let me graduate a year early. 

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Recent Reads

Whoops, I forgot to do this for awhile, so this is a long one. I don’t have a lot to say about the books, though, so it’s not as long as it could have been. I’ve gotten to one of the paperback shelves of my bookcases, so these are especially random and hit-or-miss.

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I recently started poking around in the Bible as research for a personal project. I’m an atheist, but I was raised a Christian and went to religious schools and then I struggled with my spirituality for awhile, so I’ve actually read the Bible quite a lot. It’s been maybe fifteen years since I last looked at it, and I’ve been enjoying it this time around. 

I think previously when I read the Bible, it was too fraught for me to find it entertaining, but now that I’m past all that, I can appreciate how enjoyable the Bible can be, if you overlook all the awfulness. I don’t think many people actually read the Old Testament, so I thought I’d blog about it as I go along. 

And so. GENESIS. Where it all began.  

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The Eurello Diaries: A Summer In Italy


In the summer of 2000, I went to Italy for a month or so on a study abroad program. It was the first time I’d ever been out of the country! I kept a special diary throughout, in which I recorded my profound observations on cultural differences and the broadening effects of travel. My prose style at the time was especially direct and scrupulous. As I accurately observed early on in my narrative, “To be in a foreign country is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” I then continued, “I used to wonder why people are supposed to put it on their resumes and why everyone made such a big deal out of it, but now I know.” 

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