Zhaoqing and On

Sorry it’s been so long since my last dispatch, but I’ve been busy getting schooled.

My first official travel adventure began on the bus to Zhaoqing. The only passengers on the bus were me, and a very pretty girl named Jay, who is home on holiday from the University of Birmingham in England and lives in Zhaoqing. Continue reading “Zhaoqing and On”

Hong Kong II…and On

Alright, I’ve bought a skirt and braved the noodle stalls, my laundry’s done and my bag is packed, I’ve got a Chinese visa in my passport and a bus ticket to Zhaoqing, and I’m ready to get the hell out of Hong Kong. Not that it’s not a hilarious place to visit, but man, I need a bit of space. It is just so crowded here.  Continue reading “Hong Kong II…and On”

Hong Kong

After spending essentially two entire days on a plane (uneventful, except for some terrible turbulence during which I thought I’d be airsick for the first time in my life, until the guy across the aisle lost it utterly and for some reason I felt entirely better), I have arrived in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Hong Kong”


About two years ago, I participated in a game of Trivial Pursuit with 10 other actors. We’d all just been cast in a show together, and the initial rehearsal consisted of getting-to-know-you board games. One of the questions posed to my team was, ‘What’s the capital of China?’  Continue reading “Preamble”