Tag: Feminism

Wonder Woman and Boogeymen

There was a moment at the beginning of Wonder Woman where I cried. No, it wasn’t the terrible accents. No, it wasn’t the fact that the Amazons had shaved armpits. (Come on, Hollywood.) No, it wasn’t the inexplicable missed opportunity for casting Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta.

My Body Isn’t Beautiful

I haven’t posted a feminist rant here in a really long time, so PULL UP A CHAIR. I’ve been feeling really irritated about the whole self love thing lately, and it took me awhile to articulate why to myself, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.

A Dancing Man

I read blogs in Feedly, and sometimes the juxtaposition of what I read is interesting. I also use TweetDeck for Twitter, and I have one column that is nearly all black people, and one column that is nearly all white people in tech. The juxtaposition of that is always very interesting — on nearly every day, […]