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Welcome to Earth!

Welcome to Earth! First of all, you will need some money. Money is bits of paper that can be exchanged for goods and services: things that you, as a person, will need and/or want. Where can the money be gotten? Generally, it is to be gotten in the bleakest places.

Post-Its in the Break Room

Attention: To whomever left the chocolates in here, the treats have obviously melted and then re-congealed. They are no good. — Attention: To whoever left the above note, I brought the chocolates in as a nice gesture. I can’t believe you would actually leave a passive-aggressive, unsigned note complaining about free chocolates. If you don’t […]

Ode to igoogle’s Teahouse Theme

You torture me, teahouse fox. I sit at this desk, nine-to-five, five days a week (if I’m lucky: sometimes much longer), thinking, worrying, slaving and perspiring, and all in pursuit of what? Money? Success? Respect? The ever-elusive American dream?Maybe you’ve got the right idea, teahouse fox. Living your pastoral existence. Picking oranges, doing laundry, having […]